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Clouser Minnow



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An Effective Classic For All Species Of Fish


Clouser Minnow


Bob Clousers' classic fly is by most accounts more effective for more species than any other fly.  The Clouser Minnow can be tied in virtually any size and color combination to fish everywhere from the smallest streams and ponds, to the deep blue.   Almost every species of fish taken on fly, has at one time or another been caught on a clouser minnow.  The color combination pictured here of White, Blue, and Chartreuse is very effective on a variety of saltwater species, including Speckled Trout, Redfish, Flounder, Black Drum and others.





Hook: - Mustad 34007, 3407, or

size 8 through 3/0.


Thread- Chartreuse flat waxed nylon


Eyes - Dumbbell, hourglass, or bead chain,

sized to match hook and desired

sink rate.


Flash- Flashabou, or Krystal flash, pearl


Tail - White Bucktail (long)


Red Gill- red chenille, or thread


Wing - White, chartreuse and blue bucktail


Dorsal Line- Peacock herl




Tying Instructions


1. Sharpen Hook

2.  Wrap hook shank with thread


3. Tie in weighted eyes about 1/4 inch behind eye of hook


4. Tie in flashabou just above bend of hook,

make sure it is long enough to extend

behind all other materials on fly.


5.  Take a bunch of white deer hair about half

    as big around a pencil

   in on the top of the hook right behind the







6.  Create the red gill area by either tying

in and making a few wraps with red 

chenille, or red thread


7.  Turn the fly over in the vice (or rotate

    your rotary vice) and tie your wing onto 

    the bottom of the hook shank in front of

 the weighted eyes.  First tie in a very

small bunch of white bucktail, then tie

a small bunch of chartreuse on top of

the white, and finally a slightly larger 

  bunch of blue on top of the chartreuse.


8.  Tie 3 or 4 strands of peacock herl on top 

     of the blue bucktail to form a dorsal line.


9.  Whip finish and coat head with cement or

clear nail polish




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