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Kirk's Rattle Rouser



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Kirk's Rattle Rouser

Kirk Dietrick is one of Louisiana's premier fly tiers.  His patterns can often be found in tackle catalogs, and on flyshop shelves.   When I let Kirk know about redchaser.com, he graciously offered that I may cut and past his fly patterns from Fly Tying World.com for use on these pages. 




Hook: - Mustad 34011 #1


Thread:- "Plus" type tying thread.


Body: Mylar tubing (extra large size)

with a bb and rattle


Tail: Teased out mylar tubing body.


Wing: Bucktail and krystal flash.


Other:  Devcon "2 ton" epoxy and acrylic










This Rattle Rouser streamer is a good searching pattern because it has auditory appeal in addition to visual appeal.  It has a rattle cylinder incorporated into their design that sends out a tantalizing clicking sound.  Some predatory fish have better visual capabilities than others but all fish rely on their "lateral line" nerve to help them find food.  Their lateral line sensor picks up vibrations sent through the water by noise.  An abrupt or unnatural noise will spook fish but the subtle click, pop, or flutter of unsuspecting and wounded prey will attract the attention of a curious or hungry predator, especially in murky water, where fish rely on hearing to locate food.  

This streamer is an excellent pattern for game fish that feed on minnows.  From Florida to Texas, the Rattle Rouser's have caught bass, catfish, stripped bass, redfish, speckled trout, flounder, king mackerel, and snook.  Also in Montana, a friend of mine took some nice 22" brown trout with a gold/olive R.R. 




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