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Jason Akl's Soft Shell Crab




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A New Entry For Big Reds


Jason Akl's Soft Shell Crab

Jason Akl is a talented fly fisherman and commercial fly tier who currently resides in Northern Wisconsin.  Jason Spent his years in graduate school in Dade County Florida where he developed a love for chasing big redfish on fly rod.  Among the many innovative fly patterns that Jason has developed is the Softshell Crab, his favorite for sight casting to big reds.  Jason's directions for the Soft Shell Crab are as follows.





Hook:- Mustad 34007 size 4


Thread: - Tan 6/0


Legs: - Knotted Elastic Strips (brown/white)


Body: - Fuzzy Foam, Brown/white


Eyes: - Mono dipped in Epoxy


Antennae: Claws: Deer Hair (white 

                                bottom/natural top)











Start this fly be securing your hook in vice and 

attaching thread to hook shank.  


Cut two pieces of mono 1 inch long and dip 

in epoxy.  Rotate the mono to produce a smooth round ball at the end of mono for

 eyeball.  When the epoxy is dry, color it black

 with a permanent marker.  


Stack two separate

bunches of deer hair, one white and one 

natural brown.  When the hair is stacked, split 

each pile into two portions and add the brown

to the white, making sure to keep the brown

on top.  Using a figure eight thread wrap,

attach the deer hair onto the hook shank then

wrap out towards the end of the deer hair

2/3 of the way to form the claw section.

Repeat this process again for second claw.


Use figure eight wraps to tie eyes to hook

shank.  They should be centered in the 

middle of the hook shank, spaced about

1/4 of an inch apart.


Cut several strips of white and brown elastic

strips and knot them together.  Tie them onto

hook shank so that they extend off of the

back of fly.


Cut two circles of fuzzy foam, on white and 

one brown.  Glue fuzzy foam circles to each

other and the hook using silicone.  Clip the 

two halves of the foam together to dry 




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