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Kirk Dietrich's Approach To Warm Water



Tied by Kirk Dietrich


Kirk Dietrick is one of Louisiana's premier fly tiers.  His patterns can often be found in tackle catalogs, and on flyshop shelves.   When I let Kirk know about redchaser.com, he graciously offered that I may cut and past his fly patterns from Fly Tying World.com for use on these pages.  Below are instructions for the The Squirrelly, as written by Kirk Dietrick.





Hook: Mustad 3906b #10.

Thread:  Black 3/0.

Eyes:  Gold bead chain.

Wing:  Grey squirrel tail hair.









When I used to think of Perch, an image of a Sponge Spider or Rubber Legged Popper would come to mind.  Now, I think of Bluegill and my Squirrelly comes to mind. 

I still fish with Spiders, Poppers, and Divers but only in the calm of early morning and late evening unless, of course, the fish are feeding on top during the day.  Sometimes when the bluegill are hitting surface flies but aren't very aggressive, a sub-surface pattern like the Squirrelly will provide hook-ups.


Also, if I find a concentration of bluegill that are taking surface flies and they become wary after I catch a few, changing to the Squirrelly always produces more fish. 

Again, if I catch a bunch of fish on surface flies along a particular shoreline in the early morning, when they stop hitting I work back over the same area with the Squirrelly to keep the rod bent. 

The Retrieve I use most often is a slow, short hop along the bottom.  If that doesn't work I try a quicker twitching retrieve at different depths. 

I've caught countless numbers of bluegill on this fly when nothing else was working and, also when other flies were working, the Squirrelly always managed to entice larger Fish. 

In addition to bluegill, I've taken crappie, catfish, garfish, school bass and two, three pound bass on the Squirrelly. 

I don't know what this fly imitate; maybe the fish think it is a small baitfish, crawfish, or nymph.  Who knows, maybe it resembles a variety of fish food depending on what retrieve is used.  Whatever it is, they sure like it, especially biiiggg bluegill. 

The Squirrelly is a sub-surface pattern something like a Crazie Charlie, only much simpler.  It is tied inverted with bead chain eyes, no body or flash, and a wing that is cut off just past the hook bend. 




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