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Danny's Weedless Willie




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A Truly Weedless Fly.


Danny's Weedless Willie

Danny Williams developed this fly for fishing redfish in the weed-choked marsh.  It's based on a bend back, but with the addition of the bead on the hook shank the fly rides kind of nose up, which when combined with the weed guard makes this fly safe for even the thickest weed.  This fly can be tied in any color combination, with or without the palmered hackle on the shank.



Hook: - Tiemco 411s size 1/0


Weight: - Large Brass Bead


Weed Guard - 40lb Mono


Body: - Red Chenille w/dyed red grizzly hackle



Tail: - Gold Flashabou


Wing: - Chartreuse and Red bucktail, 2 red grizzly hackles


Thread: - Uni Red Big Fly thread





1. Flatten barb on hook and thread on bead,

small hole first.


2.  Place hook in vice - shank up, tie in on

end of mono for week guard slightly

above bend in hook, tie in Flashabou

tail, building up thread to aproximately

the size of the large hole in the bead, 

tie off and position bead over thread.


3.  Tie in thread in front of bead to secure

bead, tie in chenille and hackle,

advance thread toward eye of hook.

Wrap chenille forward on hook shank

and tie off.  Palmer hackle forward 

over chenille to front of hook and

tie off.


4.  Rotate hook in vice, at front bend in shank

of hook, tie in chartreuse bucktail.  Tie a

red grizzly hackle on each side of chart.

bucktail.  Top with red buck tail, tying 

butt ends in on top of chartreuse.  Note

be careful not to over wrap with thread 

when applying each layer of wing material.


5.  Tie in weed guard by inserting mono 

through hook eye and wrapping 

thread over mono, being careful not

to wrap farther back then what 

previously wrapped tying in wings.

Clip mono below hook eye and 

carefully pull mono back out of eye 

so that clipped end is even with the

end of thread wraps, secure with 





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