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Wooly Bugger




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A Great All Purpose Fly


Wooly Bugger

The Wooly Bugger is an all purpose streamer that has proven itself effective on Bass, Panfish, Trout, and even saltwater species such as Drum and Redfish.  The Wooly Bugger can be tied as a bead head (pictured above), or with lead wire for weight instead of the bead.  The Wooly Bugger can also be tied with a marabou wing instead of palmered hackle, and be tied in any variety of colors including olive, black, white, brown, chartreuse and more.   Try a Wooly Bugger next time you're at your favorite Bass or Bream pond.





Hook: - size 6 - 14 4x long.


Head: - Gold bead appropriate for hook size.


Thread: - #6 olive/ with a little red for trim

right behind bead.


Body: - Olive chenille or dubbing


Tail: - Olive Marabou


Hackle: - Palmered olive dyed grizzly neck or













1.  Put bead head on hook and secure in place

with a few wraps of thread.  


2.  Tie in a bunch of marabou so that it

extends about 1 hook length 

beyond the bend of the hook.


3.  Tie in the end of the Hackle and one end

of the chenille just ahead of the bend of

the hook, advance thread to just behind



4.  Wrap hook shank with chenille up to the

rear of the bead head, tie off and cut.


5.  Palmer hackle forward over chenille and tie

off right behind bead head.  Whip finish

behind bead. .


6.  Make a few wraps of red thread and whip

finish immediately behind bead.



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